Welcome to the IAPEN - Workshop on Medical Nutrition Therapy, 8th March, 2015, Govn. Home Science PG College, Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, India

The Workshop on Medical Nutrition Therapy is hosted and organised by IAPEN Bhopal Chapter in partnership with Govn. Home Science PG College, Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, India on 08 March, 2015 at Govn. Home Science PG College, Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, India.

The Indian Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (IAPEN) and Govn. Home Science PG College, Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, India invites, Health care professionals to improve the Nutritional care of people at risk of Malnutrition, Whether in the hospital or in the Community. We are Committed to extending clinical and scientific interaction platforms so as to promote shared learning, the event we are hosting is an endeavor in that very direction IAPEN - Bhopal Chapter and Govn. Home Science PG College, Hoshangabad, are delighted to invite you for the Workshop on "Medical Nutrition Therapy".

Theme "Advancing Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) in Madhya Pradesh”

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IAPENHome Science College, Hoshangabad

Aims and Objectives of the Workshop

The workshop was designed for medical, nursing & nutrition professionals who were interested in learning nutrition assessment tools, Nutrition - Gastro Perspective, Critical Care Nutrition Guidelines, Dispelling the Myths in Nutrition Management and Significance of Malnutrition in Critically ill.

Important Dates: Last date of Registration is 6th March, 2015 and spot registration is also available but first come first serve basis.

Registration Fee: INR 300/- (Students) and INR 500 (Faculty/Others)

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Chief Patrons
Dr. Kamini Jain, Principal, Govt. Home Science P.G. College Hoshangabad (M.P.)
Dr. Ajay Goenka, Hon. President, IAPEN Bhopal Chapter, CMD, Chirayu Medical
College & Hospital, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Dr. Rajendra Jatav, Govt. Hospital, Dist Shadora, Ashok Nagar
Ms Deepali Mishra, Noble Multi-Speciality Hospital Bhopal.

Invited Speakers
Ms. Deepti Shrivastava, Agrawal Hospital, Arera Colony, Bhopal
Dr. Helison Lakhera, Chirayu Health & Medicare Pvt. Ltd, Bhopal
Ms. Anubha Shriwastva, Chirayu Health & Medicare Pvt. Ltd, Bhopal

Organizing Secretary

Mrs. Apeksha Sharma,
Regional Officer, IAPEN Bhopal Chapter and Consultant Dietitian, Department of Dietetics, Chirayu Health & Medicare Pvt. Ltd, Bhopal.

About Venue: Home Science PG College, Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh

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Final Programme Schedule:

02.00 PM - Registration
02.15 PM - What is MNT? An Introduction
02.35 PM - MNT - Why should we take it up
02.50 PM - Advanced MNT protocol for Indian patients
03.15 PM - How to prepare patients for MNT
03.35 PM - Obstetrics and Gynecology - MNT
03.55 PM - Obesity and MNT
04.15 PM - IAPEN Toolkit, Case Studies and Closing Remarks

IAPEN Accommodation Information

We are pleased to advise that we are handling complete responsibility of accommodation of participants. Accommodation is not exclusive to IAPEN Members therefore if you have any colleagues that wish to be accommodated in the same hotel we will be happy to reserve their rooms too.

Email to for more information about accommodation.

About Hoshangabad

Hoshangabad is a city and a municipality in Hoshangabad district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is a city in the central India region, on the south bank of the Narmada River, and is the administrative center of Hoshangabad District.

The city is named after ruler of Narmadapuram, Hoshang Shah. The city was earlier called Narmadapuram after the Narmada River. Later the name was changed to Hoshangabad after Hoshang Shah, the first ruler of Malwa. Hoshangabad district was part of the Nerbudda (Narmada) Division of the Central Provinces and Berar, which became the state of Madhya Bharat (later Madhya Pradesh) after India's independence in 1947.[1]

The city is famous for its beautiful ghats along the banks of the Narmada river, Sethani ghat is a major attraction. There are colourful celebrations in the city on Narmada Jayanti. During celebrations this year the CM announced the efforts to rename the town. A Satsang Bhavan on the ghat has regular visits by Hindu saints who hold regular religious discourses on Ramcharitmanas and Geeta.

Nearby Attractions

Sethani ghat—This is an old ghat built on the bank of river Narmada. Many temples are near it.
Ancient petroglyphs on Adamgarh hills consist of petroglyphs (rock paintings); it is a site of national importance; it is two kilometres away from the main city.
Bandhrabhan—a holy fair takes place every year at Bandhrabhan, as it is a meeting point of the main rivers Narmada and Tawa.
Salkanpur—Goddess Durga temple approximate 35 km from Hoshangabad. It can be reached via Budni or from the Bhopal-NasurullaGanj route. It is approximately 70 km from Bhopal. This sacred siddhpeeth of Vindhyavasni Beejasan devi (one of the incarnation of the Hindu goddess Durga) is on an 800 foot high hillrock, in the village Salkanpur near Rehti village. The deity, Ma Durga Beejasan is held in high esteem by her followers & local. Thousands of people visit this place everyday climbing more than 1000 steps. Every year a grand fair is held in salkanpur during Navratris. It is very old Temple but at present temple renovate by Salkanpur Trust.
Hushang Shah Fort—This is an old fort built by the Malwa ruler Hoshang Shah. It is adjacent to river Narmada.
TAWA Resort—Tawa Reservoir is a large reservoir on the Tawa River in central India. It is located in Hoshangabad District of Madhya Pradesh state. The reservoir was formed by the construction of the Tawa Dam, which began in 1958 and was completed in 1978. The dam provides for irrigation to several thousand hectares of farming land in Hoshangabad and Harda districts. It is also a big tourist attraction during the monsoon months. A Cruise boat service has been started by the tourism department for visitors to the dam and reservoir. (From Wikipedia).