National Conference on Oncology Nutrition, 09th November, 2014, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

The Oncology Department/Cancer Unit, Choithram Hospital and Research Center, Indore and the Department of Dietetics, Choithram Hospital and Research Center Indore Madhya Pradesh, India in collaboration with The Indian Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (IAPEN) Indore Regional Centre invites perioperative physicians, oncology surgeons and dieticians and allied professionals from India to join us at the National Conference on Oncology Nutrition in the beautiful Indore City, Madhya Pradesh. The theme this year is “Advances in Nutritional Support for the Oncology Patient” and we hope you will join us as we explore the challenges and celebrate the achievements in Oncology Nutrition.

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This conference provides the most up-to-date oncology nutrition practice recommendations; latest nutrition assessment tools; and the knowledge and resources you need to take your oncology nutrition practice to the next level. We in our IAPEN Indore Chapter have a dedicated core group for this programme which is interested in taking Oncology Nutrition concept in a bigger way to perioperative physicians, oncology surgeons and dieticians in the hospitals.

Nutrition is an integral part of healing and maintenance of health. Poor nutritional status in pre, peri and post-operative oncology patients leads to less than optimal outcomes. Nutrition intervention is necessary for treatment of oncology patients. This conference of IAPEN will provide such a forum for multidisciplinary interaction on oncology nutrition.

There will be an interactive session on “Oncology Nutrition”. The plenary talks include, Basics of Oncology and Cancer Cachexia, Nutrition Support for Cancer Patients (Role, Management , Screening and Assessment), Different Feeding Modalities in Cancer Nutrition Therapy, Role of Nutrition in Cancer prevention; Recent advances in Cancer Nutrition Therapy, Case Studies/Panel Discussion, Career Guidance with experts. 

This conference, being first in the series of learning initiative on Oncology Nutritional and the theme chosen for the conference is “Advances in Nutritional Support for the Oncology Patients”

Important Dates

Early Bird Registration ending date:  October 25th, 2014 October 30th, 2014
Last date of submission of abstract: October 30th, 2014 (Selected abstracts will be published in Journal of Nutrition Research)
Intimation of acceptance:              November 3rd, 2014
Submission of full length paper:     November 9th, 2014
Submission of abstracts closed:     October 30th 2014 (Abstracts submitted after October 30th, 2014 will not be included in the souvenir)

Delegate Registration fees and Registration Form

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Report on National Conference on Oncology Nutrition:

The mandate of the IAPEN Indore Chapter is to promote cooperation among agencies & partner organization, in support of hospitals, community, regional, national & international efforts to end malnutrition & other nutrition problems in all of its forms in this generation. It will do this by refining the direction, increasing the scale strengthening the coherence & impact of action against malnutrition worldwide.

    The IAPEN Indore Chapter in collaboration with the department of Oncology and the department of dietetics of the Super Speciality Choithram Hospital and Research Centre convened its first national conference on Oncology Nutrition at Choitram Hospital & Research Centre, Indore M.P. which turned out to be an extremely beneficiary conference by the presence of renowned experts from all over India.
    The aim the conference was to address advances in Nutritional support to the oncology patients.

    The programme was enlightened by the formal lamp liting by the chief guest Dr. Sunil Chandiwal, Director of Medical Services, Choithram hospital & Research Centre along with Patrons Dr. C.S. Chamania, Hon’ President IAPEN, Indore Chapter and Head, Department of Surgery, Choithram Hospital & Research Centre, Indore & renowned General Surgeon, Choithram hospital & Research Centre, Mrs. Rashmi Joshi, the Vice President, IAPEN Indore Chapter & renowned consultant dietitian Gold Medalist Indore. Along with special delegates Dr. Aarti Kaul Patel, Chief Oncologist Choithram hospital & Research Centre, Dr. Amita Singh Chief Dietitian National Hospital Bhopal, Dr. Richa Jaiswal Dietitian All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi, Mrs. Purabi Mahajan Dietitian Tata Memorial Hospital & Research Centre, Mrs. Poornima Bhale, HOD Dietetics Department, Choithram hospital & Research Centre.

        The Programme was further taken a step ahead leading to the inauguration of IAPEN Indore Chapter.

The Honourable chief guest Dr. Sunil Chandiwal, Director of Medical Services Choithram hospital & Research Centre, Indore addressed the Audience & threw light on the graceful history and the rapid pace of technological advancements of the super speciality, Choithram hospital & Research Centre, it being one of the renowned super speciality hospital of Central India. Since its establishment from the year 1979 by Late Shri Thakurdasji in the fond memory of his father Shri Choithramji Pagrani with quality patient care as the prime objective, and Choithram hospital & Research Centre, referral hospital covering a large spectrum of specialties at one place.

The programme was further carried on with announcement of office bearers of IAPEN Indore Chapter wherein –
Dr. C.S. Chamnia, Hon. President
Mrs. Rashmi Joshi, Vice President
Ms. Pratibha Sharma, Secretary, Regional Officer
Ms. Shivani Lodha, Treasurer
Dr. Sohini Sircar, Academic Director
Dr. Mayank Jain, Publication Director
Mrs. Vibhooti Trivedi, HNSC Chairman
Executive Council Members
Mrs. Poornima Bhale, Head, Dietetics
Dr. Shobha Chamania, Head, Burns Surgeries Unit
Dr. Rashmi Shrivastava, Head, Dietetics, Geeta Bhawan Hospital
Dr. Aarti Kaul Patel, Head, Oncology Dept.
Dr. Ajay K. Jain, Head, Gastroenterology
Mrs. Indu Bala Choudhary, Sport Nutritionist
Dr. Vikram Balwani, Head, Critical Care Unit
Dr. S.P. Shrivastava, Senior consultant Oncology Department

The programme was takena step ahead with the words of wisdom & information Dr. C.S. Chamania in his presidential address in which he explained the aims and objectives of formation of IAPEN, Indore Chapter in detail along with the announcement of courses being launched at Choithram hospital & Research Centre under the life long learning initiative of IAPEN, The Indian Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, it being an ambitious project in addressing the problem of malnutrition & other nutrition problem. In its first trench starting up with certificate course in Oncology Nutrition & Certificate Course in Critical care nutrition.

The programme was taken a step ahead by Mrs. Rashmi Joshi, Vice President IAPEN Indore Chapter & consultant dietitian Gold Medalist, she presented the vision with which the IAPEN Indore Chapter will work in future. She gave the vision statement.

'Optimizing a culture of excellence in empowerment of the academic pursuits of Dietitians, Doctors, nutritionists and strive to promote appropriate strategies for the improvement of nations health through nutrition awareness.'

She further said that IAPEN Indore Chapter extend a hand to all the dignitaries from similar organizations, institutions & groups from all the sectors of the society along with the government representatives & similar organizations to develop effective links.

Thus the vision of IAPEN Indore Regional Centre is to avail more competent people and provide support for multi professional/disciplinary groups wishing to develop a clinical nutrition support team, shall provide & promote the education and training course and other such initiatives of basic research, clinical research and advanced education.

The life long learning is one such initiatives, she elaborated IAPEN Indore Chapter has already released the first trench of courses with the very renowned and super speciality, Choithram Hospital & Research Centre.

The description of the courses was further explained in detail by Mrs. Poornima Bhale HOD, Choithram Hospital & Research Centre.

She explained about the certificate course in Oncology nutrition which is a full time or distance learning certificate programme of six months, the course contains four modules :-
1.    Nutrition support practice, Challenges and opportunities
2.    Enteral Nutrition
3.    Parenteral Nutrition
4.    Oncology Nutrition

She also announced in detail about the certificate in critical care nutrition which has 3 modules :-
1.    Enteral Nutrition
2.    Parenteral Nutrition
3.    Nutrition support in Burn, Trauma & Critically ill patients.

Mrs. Bhale explained in detail about the admission procedure & course inclusions such as project work, manuscript preparation, journal submission, distance mode/full time & about international experts as well.

Further the scientific session was started & the highlight was the informative presentation by Dr. Aarti Kaul Patel, Chief Oncologist, Choithram Hospital & Research Centre, Indore.

The session was chaired by Dr. Shobha Chamania, Senior Surgeon, Burn & Head Interburns Training Centre, Choithram Hospital & Research Centre and Dr. Preeti Shukla, Dietitian, Shri Aurbindo Institute of Medical Sciences & Indian Dietetic Association (IDA), Indore Chapter.

A fascinating description of a very tightly controlled series of studies done by her focusing on the basics of oncology & cancer cachexia. She explained cancer cachexia in depth, which was very informative in terms of space of nutritional role. She further dragged the attention by her exclusive work on oral cancer, in central India with her wide range of experience to exposure to all round of globe, specifically pointed out the fact, that oral cancer in specific to India because of the habitual intake of tobacco & Gutka which is a large regional problem.

The scientific session further turned to an informative session by the presentation of Mrs. Purabi Mahajan, Senior Dietitian Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. Mrs. Purabi Mahajan’s topic of discussion was Nutrition support for Cancer patients, Role, Management, Screening & Assessment, she explained in detail how nutrition may modify the carcinogenic process at any stage, including carcinogen metabolism, cellular and host defense & that how diet can be both inhibitor and enhances of carcinogenesis and how nutrition screening tools can help.

The session was chaired by Dr. Amita Singh, the renowned Senior Dietitian, National Hospital Bhopal and Dr. S.P. Shrivastava, Senior Oncologist Choithram Hospital & Research Centre, Indore.

The next speaker was Dr. Richa Jaiswal, Senior Dietitian, AIIMS New Delhi her knowledgeable and informative talk was on Different Feeding Modalities in Cancer Nutrition Therapy.

The chairperson of the session work Dr. C.S. Chamania, Hon’ President IAPEN, Indore Chapter and Head, Department of Surgery, Choithram Hospital & Research Centre, Indore and Mrs. Padmaja Joshi, Clinical Nutritionist, Jupiter Hospital, Thane, Mumbai.

Dr. Richa Jaiswal talk proved to be a very informative session where in she presented a clear picture on the usage as to when and how the different feeding modalities are used during cancer treatment she explained, about enteral feeding in patients with radical radiotherapy or chemo radiations in cases & that combined modality treatment results in a greater requirement for enteral feeding.

The session further again welcomed madam Purabi Mahajan for her next presentation where she talked on the topic Role of Nutrition in cancer prevention & recent advances in cancer nutrition therapy. The session was chaired by Dr. Rashmi Shrivastava, Senior dietitian Geeta Bhawan Hospital and Dietitian Mrs. Priya Chitale.

Mrs. Purabi Mahajan’s session was a informative & guiding session where she clearly & simply explained in detail various technical issues regarding food choices, she explained how with help of color code system of vegetables and fruits better & effective choices of food for cancer prevention be made. She emphasized on change in oil intake and suggested better options as per the change in molecular structure of different oils at higher temperature, she enlisted immunonutrients for cancer prevention.

The scientific session further turned to a panel discussion and carrer guidance with expert it turned to an open discussion which wherein all the experts from various fields shared their valuable views.

The session was further announced to depart for lunch by dietitian Mrs. Vidhi Vijayvargiya, programme compeer, with a formal vote of thanks to all the delegates and dignitaries.

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Venue: Choithram Hospital and Research Center, Manik Bagh Road, Indore-452014, Madya Pradesh, India;

It is the unmissable event of the year for anyone who works or has an interest in this area. For the first time under one roof you will have:
  • Leading experts discussing key Oncology Nutrition

  • High impact symposia

  • Four state of the art lectures by expert speakers

  • Poster presentation competition

Join IAPEN today to help our important work and benefit from fantastic savings for paper presentation competition and award function.

Organizing Secretary

Ms. Pratibha Sharma
Regional Officer and Chapter Secretary, IAPEN Indore Chapter,
Department of Dietetics, Choithram Hospital and Research Center, Manik Bagh
Road, Indore-452014, Madya Pradesh, India;
Mob: 0091 9907243815; Ph 0091 731 2362491 to 99, 0091 731 4206750 to 59;
Fax: 0091 731-2470068, 0091 731-4274293


09.30 AM - Registration
10.00 AM - Inauguration
10.30 AM – Vision of IAPEN by Mrs. Rashmi Joshi, Vice President, IAPEN Indore.
Description of Courses by Ms. Pratibha Sharma, Regional Officer & Chapter Secretary, IAPEN Indore.

Scientific Session

11.00 AM - Basics of Oncology and Cancer Cachexia
Speaker: - Dr. Aarti Kaul Patel, Chief Oncologist; Choithram Hospital & Research Centre Indore M.P
Chairperson: Dr.Shobha Chamania, Mrs. Vibhoot Trivedi
11.30 AM - Nutrition Support for Cancer Patients (Role, Management , Screening and Assessment)
Speaker: - Mrs. Purabi Mahajan, Senior Dietician, Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital Mumbai
Chairperson: Mrs. Poornima Bhale, Dr. Richa Jaiswal
12.15 PM - Different Feeding Modalities in Cancer Nutrition Therapy
Speaker: - Dr. Richa Jaiswal, Senior Dietician; AIIMS New Delhi, Chairperson:
Dr. C.S Chamania, Mrs. Purabi Mahajan
1.15 PM - Role of Nutrition in Cancer prevention; Recent advances in Cancer Nutrition Therapy
Speaker:- Mrs. Purabi Mahajan, Senior Dietician; Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital Mumbai
Chairperson: Dr. Rajendra Aanjne, Dr. Rashmi Shrivastava
1.45 PM - Case Studies/Panel Discussion, Career Guidance with experts
Dr. S.P Shrivastava, Dr. Aarti Kaul Patel , Dr. Shobha Chamania, Dr. Bhawesh Bang, Dr. Purabi
Mahajan , Dr. Richa Jaiswal, Mrs. Poornima Bhale;
2.15 PM - Lunch, Poster Presentations, Valedictory, Certificate Distribution and Vote of Thanks

Call for Paper

Scientific Papers and Poster Presentation - Call for Papers

The scientific committee of the IAPEN conference seeks abstracts in the enclosed format for poster presentation and journal publication on topics relevant to the conference. Accepted abstracts will be published in the proceedings and selected full length papers will be forwarded to The Indian Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition and Journal of Nutrition Research (a peer reviewed international journal) for consideration towards publication.

Abstracts need to be sent as an email attachment The acceptance details will be intimated by email. Author instructions can be downloaded from journal website ( and

Topics Include: 

Both journals will publishe research articles, communications, and reviews on all aspects of basic and applied oncology nutrition. It presents up-to-date, concise, critical reviews of key topics in oncology nutrition science advancing new concepts and hypotheses that encourage the exchange of fundamental ideas on nutritional well-being in cancer patients.

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We are pleased to advise that we are handling complete responsibility of accommodation of participants. Accommodation is not exclusive to IAPEN Members therefore if you have any colleagues that wish to be accommodated in the same hotel we will be happy to reserve their rooms too.

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