ICNSC Certification

IAPEN Certified Nutrition Support Clinicians (ICNSC)

The IAPEN Lifelong Learning Initiative provides stimulating, congenial, and varied opportunities designed specifically for lifelong learners in advanced clinical nutrition research.

In order to promote life long learning in basic and advanced clinical nutrition and to facilitate the academic pursuits of more number of clinical nutritionists, doctors, dieticians from the educational institutions, hospitals and health care settings, The Indian Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (IAPEN) announces certification programme in India. 

The IAPEN Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (ICNSC™) credential identifies you as a qualified nutrition support provider. It is the most widely accepted, visible nutrition support certification with recognition both nationally and internationally.

The IAPEN Nutrition Support Certification Board has decided to simplify the ICNSC examination pattern to promote more Nutrition Support Clinicians in India.

ICNSC Basic Examination
Eligibility: Any degree with 'Biochemistry" as one subject with laboratory.
Examination Pattern: 20 Questions on Basic Biochemistry
Examination Fee: INR 3000/- + INR 230/- (online processing charges)
Examination Center: All major cities or any selected city
Benefits: Two years intensive training + 3 to 5 months Internship + Career Guidance in Clinical Nutrition
Online Registration Link: https://www.payumoney.com/webfronts/#/index/icnsc2017

ICNSC Preliminary Examination
Eligibility: IAPEN Members, Doctors, Registered Dietitians, Clinical Nutritionists with 2 years experience in hospital
Examination Pattern: 20 Questions on Nutrition Assessment
Examination Syllabus: Basic Nutrition Support
Examination Fee: INR 3000/- + INR 230/- (online processing charges)
Examination Center: All major cities or any selected city
Benefits: The names will be listed in the IAPEN Directory of Nutrition Support Clinicians in India
Online Registration Link: https://www.payumoney.com/webfronts/#/index/icnsc2017

ICNSC Main Examination
Benefits: The name will be listed in the IAPEN Directory of Nutrition Support Clinicians in India as IAPEN Certified Expert Nutrition Support Clinician
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Exam Registration Dates: 1st to 14th of every month.
Examination Date: 25th of every month (25 Dec, 25 Jan, 25 Feb, 25 Mar, 25 Apr, 25 May, 25 June, 25 July, 25 Aug, 25 Sep, 25 Oct and 25 Nov)
Examination Fee: INR 3000/- + INR 230/- (online processing charges)
Examination Center: All major cities or any selected city
ONLINE Enrolment Link: Not available for ICNSC Main Examination. Mail your biodata to info@iapen.co.in.

How to Apply?

Mail your complete biodata to info@iapen.co.in for more information.

ICNSC Main Examination Syllabus/Content:

IAPEN Certificated Nutrition Support Clinician is a hand written examination composed of a maximum of 120 multiple-choice, multiple answers, objective type questions with a total allowed testing time of two (2) hours.

The questions for the examination are obtained from individuals with expertise in specialized nutrition support and are reviewed for construction, accuracy, and appropriateness by the IAPEN executive council members.  The ICNSC exam is a India-based exam and may relate to practices in India and Abroad. 

The Certification Examination for Nutrition Support Clinicians will be weighted in approximately the following manner:

  • Nutrition Assessment (19%)
  • Therapeutic Plan of Care (32%)
  • Initiation, Monitoring, and Clinical Management (33%)
  • Management of Nutrition Support Outcomes (7%)
  • Professional Practice (9%)

For more information, http://edu.iapenlll.com (Certificate Couse in Critical Care Nutrition)

ICNSC Main Examination Eligibility

1. Dietetics interns, PhD, M.Sc or B.Sc (Food/Nutrition/Life Science/Home Science or relavent specializations), B.Pharm, M.Pharm, B.Tech (Biotech/Food or related specializations)
2. Medical PG, doctors, nursing staff with minimum B.Sc, BPT, PT and relavent specializations
3. Any degree with 'Biochemistry" as one subject with laboratory.

You do not have to be an IAPEN Life membership to become an ICNSC.

ICNSC Main Examination Certification Name/Title:

MBBS/B.Pharm/M.Pharm/Nursing/BPT/PT/B.Tech: ICNSC - IAPEN Certified Nutrition Support Clinician
Dietitians/B.Sc/M.Sc/PhD: IAPEN Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Application process/Register for Test

Email your complete biodata with all credentials to info@iapen.co.in for more information.

The application processing will be done within 3 working days and examination centre address, Name of Chief Superintendent with his/her mobile number, Hall Ticket Number (16 digit code) and exact date will be sent to your email ID and mobile number. Go to the examination center and show the 16 digit hall ticket code to the Exam Chief Superintendent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why certification is required?

1. Your specialized career distinguishes you from others in the nutrition field, as you will be part of IAPEN Lifelong Learning Initiative.
2. A specialty certification is a mark of distinction that highlights your professional accomplishments, elevates you, and differentiates your workplace.
3. Signify your expertise and clinical nutrition specialty standards and enhance personal confidence in your knowledge and skills
4. Promote respect and recognition from colleagues and patients and validate your qualifications and competencies to current and potential employers
5. Strengthen your patients’ belief in your abilities and your institution’s reputation for hiring outstanding staff and Increase job security and empowerment
6. Can help advance your career and earning potential with the help of IAPEN income generation programmes and show your commitment to the highest level of, and latest developments in, patient care.

Also allow you to participate in IAPEN, ESPEN, UK and ASPEN, USA certification programmes with IAPEN fundings.

I completed the certification examination?, What's next?

After successful completion of the examination, if the candidate has IAPEN life membership, then IAPEN will directly issue "IAPEN Certified Expert Clinical Nutritionist" or "IAPEN Certified Expert Nutrition Support Clinician" after signing one agreement.

The agreement contains the rules and regulations for holding the expert certificate issued by IAPEN. Expert certification has to be renewed every two years after earning 25 credits. The credits are similar to CME credits issued by Medical Council of India. These credits can be earned by attending conferences, seminars, writing online examinations, completing online international ESPEN modules or ASPEN modules or publication in IAPEN journals, development of modules or public health services etc.

More information about IAPEN credit points

Is it required to take IAPEN Life membership for "IAPEN Certified Nutrition Support Clinician" (ICNSC) or IAPEN Certified Clinical Nutritionist (ICCN) Examination?

No, Deserving candidates will get free complementary IAPEN life Membership. 

Is it required to take IAPEN Life membership for IAPEN Certified Expert Nutrition Support Clinician (ICENSC) or IAPEN Certified Expert Clinical Nutritionist (ICECN)?

Yes, IAPEN re-certifies candidates every two years based on the earned credits. These credits are not exactly similar to the CME credits issued by Medical Council of India.

Medical Council of India - CME credits

Medical Council of India will issue credits directly after showing the attendance certificate. 

IAPEN Credits:

IAPEN credits can be obtained only after writing an exam about the conference or seminar or workshop or module etc. The exam will be conducted on the seminar topics or conference topics or workshop topics and the candidate should get minimum marks (85%) for obtaining the credit. The credit information will be stored in the IAPEN Life Membership database. Suppose if 25 credits were not acquired within two years, the expert certification will be automatically cancelled. The credit examination can be through mobile/online/written based on the convenience of the candidate.

For maintaing Expert status and for continuous monitoring and training of candidates, IAPEN Life Membership is compulsory.

Is my test score or status displayed online or anywhere?

No, the score will not be found anywhere and the candidate will be informed whether he/she was passed or failed. 

85% - Pass; < 84% Fail.

Failed candidates list is available in the website?

No, the list (pass/fail) will not be available in the website/any place. As per the Right to Information (RTI) act, suppose, if someone inquires about the status of the candidate via email ( info@iapen.co.in), we will send the certification status. 

Expert clinical nutritionist list will be available in the website? 

Yes, expert clinical nutritionists will be given special web page(s) for uploading their credentials. They will also be provided with secured forum for private interactions. The information about the expert clinical nutritionists will be given to top companies/hospitals for recruitment in India and Abroad.

Can I cancel or postpone my exam dates?

Email to info@iapen.co.in or call to 0091 9986795754 (Siva Kiran) for such queries related to examination dates.

Can I get sample questions?

Yes, email to info@iapen.co.in for sample questions. 

Syllabus for the examination:

Nutrition support practice: Challenges and opportunities: Basics of clinical nutrition, Nutrition screening, Nutrition Assessment, Nutrition support: indications and efficacy, Ethics,  Indirect calorimetry, Macro nutrient requirements, Water and micronutrients, Nutritional needs to patients and case studies

Enteral Nutrition: Introduction and flow diagrams for nutritional planning, Enteral nutrition formulations, Routes of enteral feeding, Regimens for enteral feeding, Monitoring of nutrition support, Nutrition risk assessment, Enteral nutrition orders, Monitoring, International and National Guidelines

Parenteral Nutrition: Indications for Parenteral Nutrition,  Contraindications for Parenteral Nutrition, Nutritional Assessment, Venous Access, Parenteral Solutions, Solution Stability/Compatibility Issues, Administering Parenteral Nutrition, Complications Associated with Parenteral Nutrition, Monitoring and Ceasing Parenteral Nutrition, Parenteral nutrition support at home and National and International guidelines

Criticalcare Nutrition: Absorption, metabolism and sterilization of micro and macro nutrients, Nutritional status and body composition of Critically ill patients, Criteria for implementation of nutrition support, Principles of prescription (Route and amount), Composition of nutrition support formulas Critically ill patients, Management of enteral nutrition, Management of parenteral nutrition, Post ICU Management, Ethical issues and case studies, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, nutritional planning.

for more information email to info@iapen.co.in.

Refund policy

There will be no refund of examination fee but exam dates can be postponed by paying nominal fee.

Certification for International Candidates: International candidates can certify themselves using ASPEN certification programme, USA or ESPEN certification programme, UK. Presently we are not offering examination for International Candidates..