The Indian Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (IAPEN) is an organisation in the field of parenteral and enteral nutrition and promotes basic research, clinical research, advanced education, organization of consensus statements about clinical care and quality control.


The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) is an organization in the field of parenteral and enteral nutrition and promotes basic and clinical research, basic and advanced education, organization of consensus statements about clinical care and care quality control. In 1979 an informal meeting laid the foundations of ESPEN, deciding to create a multidisciplinary society devoted to the study of metabolic problems associated with acute diseases and their nutritional implications and management. ESPEN was formally established in 1980 as the European Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition. It later changed its name to the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism. ESPEN recognizes PEN organizations throughout world. ESPEN National Societies-62 Member Societies in 61 Worldwide Countries in the ESPEN council. IAPEN is part of ESPEN council.


Dr Ashwin Dabhi has explained about the importance of ESPEN - European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism in the year 2013 during his talk at International Conference on Digestive Disorders, 23-24 February, 2013, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Dr. K. V. Veerendra Kumar, Vice President, IAPEN (2013) expressed his interest in ESPEN and have nominated 10 Block Members to join ESPEN council. Dr Pierre Singer, ESPEN Chairman and other members are exited to welcome IAPEN on board. Email communication about ESPEN.

Dr Veerendra Kumar nominated 10 block members in the year 2013. The members include, Dr. Ashwin Dabhi, K.V. Jammuna, Kalpana, Manik Rao Kulkarni, H. Manjula, Manjula Raghuveer, Namrata Ranganath, Prashanth Shivappa, Ravi Arjunan, Sailaja Suryadevara, K.V. Veerendra Kumar. About 880 Euro were paid to ESPEN in 2013. ESPEN gave access to Lifelong Learning Modules and Clinical Nutrition Journal (Published by Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands).

IAPEN observed the progress for one year (Lifelong Learning Modules and Clinical Nutrition Journal). There exists lot of difference between the way Europeans perceive clinical nutrition and the way Indians perceive clinical nutrition. The main problem exists in understanding the meaning of the terminology mentioned in the Lifelong Learning Modules and the recommendations given in the manuscripts published in Clinical Nutrition journal and ESPEN guidelines. The Doctors working in India (MBBS or MD or Registered members of Medical Council of India - (MCI)) are understanding the terminology but it is becoming extremely difficult for the Dietitians (Trained by University Grants Commission - UGC, Government of India) to handle the terminology.

The executive committee of IAPEN decided to train individual dietitians with the required terminology by teaching them the first 100 pages present in the book titled "Dietitians Handbook of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition" by Annalynn Skipper. It took almost five years to train 40 doctors and dietitians throughout India. Again in 2019, IAPEN approached ESPEN to issue block membership and allow India to be part of ESPEN council. Dr Ashwin Dabhi played a key role in bringing IAPEN into ESPEN council.

IAPEN aims at promoting every dietitian working in Indian Hospitals to get ESPEN diploma. More information about ESPEN diploma, email to info@iapen.co.in

IAPEN promoted four Indian doctors and dietitians to participate in ESPEN 2019 Congress, Krakow, Poland. Dr Ashwin Dabhi was nominated as Council Member of IAPEN, India in ESPEN Council at ESPEN Congress, Krakow, Poland. Other IAPEN Members at ESPEN Congress, Krakow, Poland.

Current ESPEN Members - 2020

Ashwin Dabhi
Datta Patel
Sucheta Vijay Limaye
Nagarajan Ramakrishnan
Shilpa Varma
Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Shankar
Mansi Patil
Chandra Shekhar Chamania
Sreemathy Venkatraman
Shilpa Joshi
Dr Rita Patil
Dr Sunaina Arora
Priya Karkera
Somya Shrivastava
Dr. Manish Akbari
Lekha Sreedharan
Bidita Shah
Rachana Deo, Nepal
Pratima sen, Nepal
Nani Shova Shakya, Nepal
Dr Fiji Antony, Dubai

ESPEN Official LLL workshops as of 2020

IAPEN has conducted seven official LLL workshops with official ESPEN T-LLL teachers

ESPEN Recognized Institutions in India

IAPEN under the leadership of Dr Ashwin Dabhi has recongized three hospitals from India as ESPEN training centres. 1. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute, Mumbai, Maharashtra 2. Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Puducherry,Pondicherry and 3. Sanjeevani Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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