ASPEN - Global Nutrition Partnership (GNP) Program

ASPEN - Global Nutrition Partnership (GNP) Program

American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition

The American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) was founded in 1975 by 35 dedicated healthcare professionals who met in Chicago to create an interdisciplinary association. ASPEN was founded for the purpose of providing optimal nutrition to all people under all conditions at all times. The pioneers of ASPEN recognized the importance of research, clinical practice, advocacy, education, and an interdisciplinary approach to nutrition support therapy.

Global Nutrition Partnership (GNP) Program

Through the Global Nutrition Partnership Program (GNP), international sister societies from countries classified by the World Bank as low or middle income economies* may have a group of their members join ASPEN for a reduced membership fee. ASPEN is very excited to offer the GNP after working for years with many societies that have expressed interest in this type of partnership. Not only will the program make membership in ASPEN more affordable and allow for more efficient payments in U.S. funds, each sister society can tout participation in the GNP as an additional member benefit to their own members and consider this program an opportunity to pave the way for future collaborations with ASPEN.

Program Benefits

All of the GNP Society’s participating individual members will receive:
1. Electronic only access to both of ASPEN’s peer-reviewed journals, the Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (JPEN) and Nutrition in Clinical Practice (NCP). Print versions of the journal may be included for an additional fee.
2. Access to both ASPEN journals via mobile app (currently available on iPad and iPhone).
3. Special discounts on all ASPEN events, publications, and merchandise.
4. Access to members-only content on the ASPEN website. 5. Access to ASPEN's private member community, ASPENet on LinkedIn, which provides the ability to interact with other members from around the world.
6. Access to complimentary lectures of the month and other special members-only offerings. 7. Full voting privileges and eligibility to participate in ASPEN’s many volunteer opportunities including committees and task forces.
8. Participation in and access to all new member benefits that are added in the future.

IAPEN ASPEN GNP Program Initiative

IAPEN currently nominated one life member from each state to promote ASPEN Global Nutrition Partnership Program. The current list of nominee for IAPEN GNP Initiative are

Head of ASPEN GNP Program
Dr. C.S. Chamania, Hon President, IAPEN
IAPEN ASPEN GNP Coordinator: Priya Karkera, Dietitian, Mumbai

Maharashtra - Shilpa Varma
Maharashtra - Shivshankar Timanpyati
Maharashtra - Himani Puri
Karnataka - Sreemathy Venkatraman
Karnataka - Sowbhagya Lakshmi
Gujarat - Bidita Shah
Haryana - Poonam Jaglan
Delhi - Ritika Samaddar
Uttar Pradesh - Ranu Singh
Tamil Nadu - Lekha Sreedharan

Dr. PC Vijayakumar, Chennai

Hon Secretary
Shilpa Varma

Email to for more information about ASPEN GNP Initiative. Only Life Members of IAPEN are eligible for joining ASPEN GNP Program.