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Critical Care Pharmacist

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A Part of Lifelong Learning Initiative of IAPEN

Critical Care Pharmacist

In order to promote lifelong learning in basic and advanced clinical nutrition and to facilitate the academic pursuits of more number of pharmacists from the educational institutions, hospitals and health care settings, The Indian Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (IAPEN) announces the Critical Care Pharmacist through distance learning.

The British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (B.A.P.E.N), UK has mentioned the roles and responsibilities of the Critical Care Pharmacist.
1. Can assist in prescribing parenteral nutrition
2. Preparation of safe and aseptic parenteral nutrition solutions (including compounding)
3. Optimizes composition and advises on compatibility/stability issues and drug/nutrient interactions
4. Quality improvement, education of pharmacists, other health care professionals, patients and students
5. Conducts nutrition-related research or participates in research activities

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Admission Procedure

Unfortunately direct admission for this course is not possible. Candidates have to read all instructions carefully and send their biodata to for enrollment information.

Step 1

Email your biodata or brief profile to

IAPEN’s Admissions Team reviews an applicant’s expressed goals and assists the applicant with submission of any required documentation, including official transcripts.

Step 2

Receive Application Number and Payment Details

IAPEN team sends application number with payment details. The candidate have to pay the prescribed fee and fill the online application form with Application Number. The Books and Materials will be delivered to the postal address of the candidate.

Step 3

Mentor Details

IAPEN allocates mentors for continuous guidance. IAPEN Honorary Membership will be issued based on the recommendation letter from the mentor. IAPEN will also allow the candidate to interact with other experts after getting life membership.


B.Pharm or Equivalent
IAPEN also allows patients to join these courses. Patients will not be awarded certificates.




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